Family-focused Recovery: Women supporting Recovery 
Addiction sucks!.

Addiction is not only a terrible experience for the person addicted who’s struggling to maintain recovery but also for the family as well. 


It can easily be argued that it’s the family that gets the brunt of it all.


However, very little attention is given to the home environment. But, that’s where it starts and where ultimately the battle against addiction will either be lost or won.


This doesn’t mean the family is to blame or to be held responsible.


But this does mean that family recovery is just as important as treatment for the addicted person to maintain recovery harmoniously.


Why is family recovery important?  


**Treatment without support is much like washing your hands and wiping them on the ground. 


Because it all starts at home. 


From the family struggling to convey that there is a problem, I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard, “if only I had known sooner, Judy”.


To the family spending all their money and losing everything trying to persuade the addicted person to remain longer in treatment facilities and support her recovery efforts.  


Only to discover how true Al-anon 3Cs ring:

-There’s no cure

-You cannot control it

-You did not cause it 


Unfortunately, many people will have:


-Witnessed and involved in multiple overdoses. 


-experience first hand the vast majority of addictive behaviors (lying, stealing, infidelity, etc.)


-Unsuccessfully attempted to implement and enforce boundaries.


And even may have reached a point where they are ‘kicking’ their addicted loved one out of the home before that becomes crystal clear.


Sadly, this process can take years. 


The longer the family waits to get help, the worse things get. 


It is proven that when the family is also focusing on recovery alongside their addicted loved one, there are a lot fewer relapses and recovery can be maintained for a longer period over time. 


“Nothing changes without change”-Unknown.


Why focus on family recovery?

  • You can consciously help your addicted loved one main recovery.

  • You gain awareness. Awareness is everything: when you become aware of certain signs/behaviors/common triggers you become informed to make more impactful decisions.

  • You can consciously choose how you can best show up for your loved one’s sake as you get better at managing your emotions. Say goodbye to shame and guilt. 

  • You discover your predominant role in the recovery process. There’s nothing wrong with enabling, but you enabling recovery or the cycle of addiction?

  • You will know exactly where you stand at all times, no more doubting whether you’ve made the right choice.

Who is Women Supporting Recovery for?

  • Women on a budget but who are still willing to invest in their wellbeing. 

  • Women who need help getting heard.

  • One who believes there’s power in asking for help and receiving professional support.

  • Women who need to create a sense of stability and security.

  • Females/she/her/hers who need help understanding how to best support recovery as opposed to continuously getting sucked back into the cycle of addiction.

  • A woman who needs community support from other strong-minded women.

What do you get?

  • DIY Courses with a personal touch (direct access to Judy Galek)

  • Private distraction-free Community

  • Weekly Interaction with the coach

  • Bi-weekly Zoom calls to address your specific questions and concerns

  • But most, importantly: Peace of mind. 

Enrollment is open, but we must have a strategy call first!


Breakdown of the topics we might address - (not an exhaustive list)
  •  Triggers- common triggers for the family and the addicted person. What are they and what can you do about them. 

  • Aftercare plan- why you need to know of certain routine/resources (Medication assisted treatement, intensive outpatient treatment) 

  • Terminology- Key recovery terminologies to be familiar with and understanding the power of language and why it matters, especially in recovery. 

  • Trust-What it means to ‘trust the process’/oneself and how to become more allowing each day. Getting to know for sure when it’s time to take drastic measures.

  • Addictive behaviors (Lying, stealing, cheating, unexplained absences, explosive behaviors, etc.)

  • Communication- Learn to improve how you communicate with others and yourself to achieve the desired results. 

  • Boundaries- what are they and how to use them to help your loved one maintain their steps along the path of recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Women Supporting Recovery?

Women Supporting Recovery is a group coaching program of strong-minded women who diligently work on being effective in the recovery process. Together, we support, strategize, and consciously do our part to help our loved ones reduce the relapse rate and maintain long-term recovery. This group was created and tailored to address all your concerns regarding recovery and with your loved one’s wellbeing in mind.  It is managed and facilitated by your coach, Judy Galek whom you will have direct contact to.

What happens after I enroll in this program?  

1.) You will gain access to the private Facebook Group where you will immediately start engaging and interacting with the community and start on your first assignment. The course materials cover the basic concepts you need to understand and it’s structured to address specific circumstances.  

How will the training be delivered?

The training is pre-recorded.

Supplemental training and requested topics will be added as questions arise.

Monthly calls will be via zoom - when technical difficulties occur we will meet via phone.

How is this different from other programs out there?  

I strongly believe that the human connection is what makes the difference in all things but especially in the recovery journey as connection is one of the main key. I will be actively involved, so you can expect my daily presence in the group. Your participation in the group is necessary to make sure you are following through with your words and reach all your heart’s desires and not just standing on the sideline. You will not be passed on to my trainees and assistants!

It is my vow to raise the expectation of everyone in the program and deliver the utmost high-quality service for all participants. 

What's the investment?

Fees vary upon your strategy call with coach, Judy Galek. Pricing typically ranges from $260 - $760/month.

Yes, you can pay the year in full, but please be mindful that there are no refunds should you decide to leave the program for any reason. Your commitment to yourself and your recovery is for one year. Your subscription will be renewed upon request after a review.  

When will this program begin?

Enrollment is open and occurs on a rolling basis for everyone but, space is limited to 20 participants at all times.   

What is your refund or guarantee policy?


I do not offer refunds. I am 1000% committed to providing quality training for the entirety of the program. I do not guarantee your results will mirror that of former clients. I do not guarantee results at any specific dollar amount. Your success in your recovery and how well your loved one maintains sobriety is completely dependent on you and the other party. The purpose of this product is not to perpetuate any affiliation with the get-your-addict-clean-quick schemes. You can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days' advance notice. 


**If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at You will never be alone with me in your corner.